Special Delivery: Free Purex, Sara Lee and Apple & Eve Coupons

So check it out,
these all came in the mail today!!

How fun to get some FREEBIES 
and high value coupons to boot!

Go to the links below to get yours :)

plus a $1 OFF coupon

I have mentioned here before 
how I like to take a quick minute 
to write to the manufactures 
and tell them why I like their products. 
Almost always I receive an appreciation email 
and quite often they send me some coupons in the mail!!
That is how I received these:

I wrote to them regarding their Fruitables juices
that Cadee loves!
(4) Apple & Eve Juice Product coupons

I wrote to them regarding Hillshire Farm Lunch Meats
$1 OFF for ANY Sara Lee products

So although this began as a "decor" blog,
I also find it fitting to share ANY type of deal 
that can save us all a "dollar" or two!

Please feel free to share any great recent deals 
you have found :)


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