Special Delivery: Free Purex, Sara Lee and Apple & Eve Coupons

So check it out,
these all came in the mail today!!

How fun to get some FREEBIES 
and high value coupons to boot!

Go to the links below to get yours :)

plus a $1 OFF coupon

I have mentioned here before 
how I like to take a quick minute 
to write to the manufactures 
and tell them why I like their products. 
Almost always I receive an appreciation email 
and quite often they send me some coupons in the mail!!
That is how I received these:

I wrote to them regarding their Fruitables juices
that Cadee loves!
(4) Apple & Eve Juice Product coupons

I wrote to them regarding Hillshire Farm Lunch Meats
$1 OFF for ANY Sara Lee products

So although this began as a "decor" blog,
I also find it fitting to share ANY type of deal 
that can save us all a "dollar" or two!

Please feel free to share any great recent deals 
you have found :)



Dresser Revival

So we have this wall...
pretty huh? ;)

we have been trying to find the perfect piece
to put here!

So this is what we found...
Only $10!
Wait, you don't like it??! Pssh!
It's totally ugly??! How rude!!
Okay, I agree ;)
BUT, it has potential, right?!!

So I had a vision of something like this...
Are seeing what I'm seeing?!!!
Get the picture? :)

But first,
we have to do the hard work!

So I put my hubby on that straight away ;)
sanding and sanding
and then some playing with the sand!
Our little Foreman {Lucy} making sure the job is getting done ;)
back to more sanding!
And finally ready to paint :)
Thanks babe!!

So I didn't get any pics of me painting it, 
because I am lame
and got caught up in the moment,
trying to figure out how I was going to create this vision!
But I really did it all myself,
my hubby gave suggestions though :)

I started by spray painting the whole thing
and then with BEHR paint 
I brushed it on in small sections, 
wiping it with a dry rag back and forth
until it looked the way I wanted! 
{My biggest lesson was you want to just go in one direction!!}

my NEW {old} REVIVED dresser!!!

There are a couple of things left to do,
but I just had to share it with you 90% done because
I am very EXCITED and PROUD of my very first furniture painting project!
I think I matched my vision and very HAPPY with the results!!

Reviving and revamping furniture 
might be something to add to my growing list of hobbies ;)



Spring Color Trends... & a SALE!!

I found this great site on all the new color trends for Spring/Summer 2011
I was inspired to do a little designing and add some new items to my shop!
Here are few of the Limited Edition bags for Spring!

And since Spring has just sprung,
is having a Spring Sale
10% OFF all items
use code: SPRING10
at check out!
{Offer ends March 31st}



Office {Desk} Space... Sneak Peek

These walls need some life!
Don't you think?!
 and look at all those ugly cords :(

Here are a few inspiration ideas I have for this space :)
Burlap Pin Boards

Vintage Keys

Remember these

a little something my hubby found!
I think it will be perfect :))

Decor on,


Talco Paglieri

There is something about this piece of art that I just love and adore!
{Italian artist Gino Boccasille 1950}

I have always wanted to get my hands on one of these
to put in my girls nursery or powder room :)

Presented like a 1950's Italian baby powder advertisement,
it just exudes innocents and femininity!
Not to mention it's fantastic vintage feel!!

This WILL be the year!!
I already have the frame, 
just need the print :))

J'adore art,


The VEGAN Challenge...{GIVEAWAY}

So, if you missed the episode of Oprah yesterday on 
"Harpo's Vegan Challenge"
check out a preview here 
and the run down of what took place here

Since I am turning 30 this year! 
Yup that's right the BIG 3-0!!

I have been thinking a lot about how to get myself healthier 
and live my best life!
I am beginning to see the fine lines around my eyes a little more, 
having a few extra aches in the morning when I get out of bed, 
lack of energy and just an over all need to feel healthy!

A lot of people make New Year's resolutions 
to get in shape and diet,
but have never been one to feel like I needed to diet or exercise.
Now after having two kids and approaching a pivotal age,
I can definitely sense a change in my body 
and I am not really liking it!

time to make some changes,
I have decided to take the 
and see how my body responds!

What is a VEGAN? 
A type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs 
and dairy products 
and all other animal-derived ingredients.
Did you know?...
 *Americans eat nearly 10 billion animals in a year.
*The average American's yearly meat intake is 
70 pounds higher 
than it was a century ago.
*Research has shown that non-meaters tend to 
live 6-10 years longer 
than meat eaters.

For more info, check out the FAQ's

I would love it if others would join me and keep me motivated!
I know this isn't going to be easy 
and I may get a little cranky at first {sorry hubby}
I can't guarentee that after this I will be 
100% Vegan or meat free.
I just think it is important take charge of my eating habits now,
in order to be a good example for my girls!
I want to show them how to be more conscious 
about what goes into our bodies,
and where our food comes from!

For those of us {meaning myself} that have no idea 
what we are getting into
here is a sample vegan grocery list of items 
to get us started!!

As a little incentive to my readers
that want to take this challenge with me,
if I get at least 5 people to do this with me
I will be giving away a copy of Kelly Freston's book
to one lucky challenger!

where she gives you meal planning ideas
and alternatives to meat like this...
Instead of spaghetti with meatballs,

Try spaghetti with veggie meatballs (found in the grocer's freezer)
Instead of pizza with sausage,
Try pizza made with Daiya cheese, veggie sausage 
or mushrooms and a whole grain crust

Instead of chili with meat,

Try chili with three kinds of beans and veggie meat crumbs

So if you are up for the challenge 
and want to enter my giveaway

Veganist {for a week},


February PB Inspiration!

One of my favorite things to do is look through the Pottery Barn catalog 
and daydream about being able to buy everything in it!

Since my bank account won't allow that and it is slightly over priced anyway ;)
This is my inspiration post to start searching for these little lovelies!!

Here is something I have just been trying procrastinating 
to get done in my hallway

Oh I can't wait to find some of these for my new mantel

These might work too!

I don't know why, but I LOVE clocks

This just reminds me that Spring is on it's way 
and I can wait for picnics in the park

Fun little vintage pharmacy jars


Home sweet...

Hopefully I will get lucky and find a few of these fun treasures to share,
and as always please feel free share your finds!!



I {heart} classics

Who said there was no such thing as LOVE at first sight?! 
Well I guess they hadn't seen these yet!!
These are the most adorable classic books!
I knew I had to have them the moment I saw them
I love finding vintage hardcover classics, 
but these are great for my girls! A must have :}

Anthropologie never disappoints!



Pinterest is the NEW...


Wow this new network is so exciting!
For me, 
this is what I have been needing 
to catalog all those ideas and inspiration 
for DIYs, blog topics, decor ideas, and the list goes on!
I was turned on to this site by Beth from The Stories of A to Z
She did a great tutorial on what Pinterest has to offer!

Here is a picture of my first PIN!
Aren't they adorable!!

Well I have a feeling I am going to be going Pin wild
all over my board with inspiration :}