Dresser Revival

So we have this wall...
pretty huh? ;)

we have been trying to find the perfect piece
to put here!

So this is what we found...
Only $10!
Wait, you don't like it??! Pssh!
It's totally ugly??! How rude!!
Okay, I agree ;)
BUT, it has potential, right?!!

So I had a vision of something like this...
Are seeing what I'm seeing?!!!
Get the picture? :)

But first,
we have to do the hard work!

So I put my hubby on that straight away ;)
sanding and sanding
and then some playing with the sand!
Our little Foreman {Lucy} making sure the job is getting done ;)
back to more sanding!
And finally ready to paint :)
Thanks babe!!

So I didn't get any pics of me painting it, 
because I am lame
and got caught up in the moment,
trying to figure out how I was going to create this vision!
But I really did it all myself,
my hubby gave suggestions though :)

I started by spray painting the whole thing
and then with BEHR paint 
I brushed it on in small sections, 
wiping it with a dry rag back and forth
until it looked the way I wanted! 
{My biggest lesson was you want to just go in one direction!!}

my NEW {old} REVIVED dresser!!!

There are a couple of things left to do,
but I just had to share it with you 90% done because
I am very EXCITED and PROUD of my very first furniture painting project!
I think I matched my vision and very HAPPY with the results!!

Reviving and revamping furniture 
might be something to add to my growing list of hobbies ;)